Individual Sign up information

If you are looking to register an individual, we have a few options depending on the age of the participant. 


We offer instructional classes for kids age 3 - 8. For more information on all of our class offerings, please CLICK HERE. 


In addition to classes and clinics, we offer house teams or will attempt to place you on an existing team for individual sign ups for ages 7 and up.


House team information

  • Due to the uknown nature of individual sign ups, we cannot guarantee placement for indivdual sign ups but will do our best to place you on a house team or we will reach out to the teams that signed up to see if the need any additonal player(s). Some ages are more popular than others when it comes to individual sign ups.
  • The fee to register for a house team is $95. House teams include 8 games, and 1-3 practices depending on availiblity. All players on a house team will receive a t-shirt to be worn for games as well. 
  • If we are unable to form a house team and we are succesful in placing you on a team. Your cost will be different. Each team calculates their cost based on number or players but their fees do not include any practice time or t-shirts so the cost tends to be a little less
  • If you are interested in coaching a house team, please email Wade Schuemann -
  • House teams are coached by volunteers or staff coaches. Due to the limited time with players, house team coaches' main focus is keeping players safe while also maintaining subsitutions to keep player time and positions played fair and even. On-field coaching is a secondary concern for them. House team are typically made up of a beginner or less experienced players so we do our best to find a competitive placement for each team but can be difficult when size and age are taken into account


Steps to register an individual

  1. Use link below to visit Soccer Stop EZ Leagues page
  2. Use "Register Online" link next to the Individual/House Team option
  3. Fill out form and submit


What happens after I register

  1. After completing registation, you should receive an invoice in your email. Don't worry about this for now, but it will act as your confirmation. If you do not receive an invoice following registration, contact Wade Schuemann -
  2. Once the deadline passes, we will be hard at work starting to organize the house teams and scheduling the games. This is a complex and time consuming process but we attempt to complete the process as quickly as possible. 
  3. We will contact you via email with information on team placement and other pertinent information usually within 3-5 days following the passage of the final deadline for each session
  4. The individual fee will be due on the date of the first game or practice.


2020-2021 Indoor Soccer League Session Calendar








Youth Begins

Nov 2


Feb. 6

Youth Ends

Dec. 12

Feb. 6

Apr. 3

Adult Begins

Oct. 25

Dec. 14

Feb. 7

Adult Ends

Dec. 13

Feb. 7

Apr. 11

Team Fee




Individual Fee




Registration Deadline

Oct. 23

Dec. 1

Feb. 1


**Sesson 2 notes: Note early start date of session 2 again. Games WILL be played over holiday break except Christmas eve, Christmas, New year's eve, and New Years Day


  • INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: To register as an individual for a house team or class CLICK HERE







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